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Farm “Basteji” is a family funded company, that grows ornamental trees and bushes as well as produces pine bark mulch. Everything started in the late 1993, but production of pine bark mulch started in 1997. We are reknown as initiators of mulch production, because we are the first manufacturer in Eastern Europe and also the only bark mulch  manufacturer up to 2004 .

In 2003, we had major reconstruction and modernization  of the factory according to EU quality standards. Experience, skilful and anthusiastic staff, highest quality raw materials, and innovative products are cornerstones of our work.  No one in Europe has been able to imitate it.

When comparing  production amounts of high value mulch products, we are the leading manufacturer in Baltic and Russia markets, one of the largest companies in Eastern Europe. We deliver up to half a million packages of the highest quality  pine bark mulch to our customers per year. The number of produced products is consistantly increasing alongside with our territory. The future vision of the company is clear- to give people in Europe the possibility to purchase the high quality pine bark mulch at affordable prices.

Bark mulch, produced in Farm “Basteji”, not only looks beautiful and gives plants unique look, but also has many other qualities: 
Pine bark mulch encourages to form better  nutrients, improvingthe soil condition.  It protects soil from drying out, prevents soil freezing in a cold weather, and prevents heat up too much in a hot weather. Roots do not suffer from air temperature fluctations.
While mulch is decaying, soil recieves valuable nourishing substances that so improve the pH level of the soil. Bark mulch also delays soil erosion.  
It prevents weeds  to grow through the mulch layer and spreading, if it is correctly applied. Bark mulch is one of the most effective and ecologic ways to fight unwanted weeds.
Mulch protects plant roots from mechanical damages that can be caused by using various devices and instruments, for example,  lawn mower,  etc.

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