Natural pine bark mini mulch 0-5 mm.


Finely ground pine barks is a perfect material, that significantly limits growth of weeds while greatly improving the soil structure, moisture and air capacity. It increases the content of slowly decomposing substances in the soil. Pine bark greatly improvs air and water permeability that adjusts level of moisture and temperature in the soil. Particularly good results can be obtained by rectifying heavy, clay soil.

Provides high biological activity into the soil;
Increases the content of mineral substances by a slow decaying process;
Provides optimum level of moisture and air into the soil;
Protects plants from radical temperature fluctuations in early spring and late autumn;
As an ideal covering material pine bark limits weeds spreading;
Provides an excellent ornamental visual effect.

Mini mulch is a wonderful soil covering material for ornamental heather, as well as for strawberry beds to keep fruit off the soil, that way limiting expansion of disease and reduces the possibility of decaying.
Mini mulch is suitable for all summer flowers and wintergreens, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, low hight needle leaf trees, plant growth peonies, magnolias. It improves soil structure, is used to make compost for balcony, terrace crocs and boxes.
Mini mulch is best spread around plants in the spring in approximately 10 cm thick layer. Later, in the autumn, after removing remains of cultivated plants and weeds from the soil, mini mulch can be mixed into the soil.
Mini mulch can also be added to the soil right in the process of planting by mixing it in proportion- 1 part of mini mulch with 3-5 parts of an arable layer.
The pure pine mini mulch can be used also as an absorbing material for compost.
Product declaration:
Mulch: pH(CaCl2) 5-6.5.
Composition: Chipped and graded pine barks.
Amount: Volume after mulch has been loosened 50 l .  

In compliance with EU regulation 734/2007, 
the product
is eco certified [link] and suitable for usage in a biological agriculture


Usage of the superior quality
pine bark mulch fractions:


  5 - 30 mm – most frequently used for small needle leaved tree forms like rhododendrons, hydrangeas, highbush blueberries, cinquefoils, spiraeas, and other small hight ornamental plants, and also for all kinds of hedges;
20 - 40 mm –suitable for decorative shrubs, lilacs, chokeberries,  large sized coniferous trees, yews, ornamental fir trees, and outsized junipers;
30 - 80 mm – suitable for large decorative coniferous and deciduous trees, sakuras, white firs, eastern white pines, Swiss pines, blue spruce trees, all kinds of fruit trees including plums and cherries;
30 - 80 mm (grounded) – suitable for mulching small territories of vertically growing coniferous tree beds, for decorating indoor plant pots, palms, Japanese gardens;
Probiotic mulch – especially suited for limiting illnesses carriers living in the soil. Reduces risk of infecting plant species that tend to take on illnesses. Limits mildew and other ilnesses spreading on gooseberries, grapevines, roses and perennial phlox beds, terraces, balcony and indoor plants;
10 – 60 mm unrefined– widely used for berry bushes, fruit trees, and park greenery.
Pine bark mulch is a natural material,
that obtains its nice natural colour by grinding and carefully grading in the production process. It provides a splendid ornamental look to the final product.
It is a wonderful material for arranging, caring and maintaining gardens. Bark mulch significantly improves and keeps air permeability to the soil by regulating moisture and temperature into the soil. By slowly decaying and mineralizing, it enriches the soil with nutrients. Mulch maintains its ornamental look for 2-3 years. It is advisable to renew ornamental covering periodically, by applying 2-3 cm fresh pine bark mulch layer.

Product declaration:
Pine bark mulch: pH (CaCl2)5.-6,5.
Composition: Chipped and graded pine barks.
Amount: Volume after mulch has been loosened 50l and 18l.

0 - 5 mm mulch
Natural pine bark minimulch
0-5 mm.
5 - 30 mm mulch
Pine bark mulch 5-30 mm.
20 - 40 mm mulch
Pine bark mulch 20-40 mm.
Probiotic pine bark mulch
Probiotic pine bark mulch.
30 - 80 mm mulch
Pine bark mulch 30-80 mm.
grained 30 - 80 mm mulch
Pine bark mulch 30-80 mm, grained.
10 - 60 mm mulch
Pine bark mulch 10-60 mm, unrefined.
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